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My name is Annelies Cameron nee Van Overdijk.
I am searching for my father Wilhelmus Petrus Van Overdijk born Tilburg Holland 4/4/31. His picture at age 25 or thereabouts heads this site
He and my mother separated in the early 1960's .They were married on 27/12/51 in Tilburg Holland and the divorce was granted in Sydney on 25/1/68

His career was as a carpenter/hammersmith and he spent some time in the
Royal Netherlands Navy around 1950-1955.
The Defensie archieven, registratie in Holland sent me information of his
service which might help to identify him.
"Engaged himself as a regular military man with the RNN 16/07/1948
Aircraft repairman upholsterer 3rd class 16/07/1948
Aircraft repairman upholsterer 2nd class 01/08/1949
Left the Netherlands by Hr.Ms 'Karel Doorman' 02/01/1950
Passed the tropic 13/01/1950
Arrived on the Nertherlans Antilles 18/01/1950
Left the NA via Karel; Doorman 12/04/1950
Passed the tropic 22/04/1950
Arrived Natherlands 04/05/1950
Aircraft-repairman upholsterer parachute packer 2nd class 01/12/1950
Aircraft-repairman upholsterer parachute packer 2nd class 01/12/1950
Aircraft-repairman upholsterer parachute packer 1st class 01/04/1951
With the Royal Navy incorporated as an ordinary conscript
ex the municipality of Tilburg, number 695, without being present
Left the Netherlands by Hr.Ms 'Karel Doorman' 10/01/1952
Passed the tropic 20/01/1952
Arrived on the Nertherlans Antilles 23/01/1952
Left the NA via Airplane 08/01/1953
Passed the tropic 08/01/1953
Arrived Natherlands 09/01/1953
On his own request honourable discharge granted from the naval service
because of ending of his engagement and reverted to the position of an
ordinary conscripted aircraft-repairmen upholsterer parachute-packer 1st
class,being on long furlough    01/11 /1954 

(Petronella, his first child was born 16/12 /1954.)

Transferred to the position of an extra-ordinary conscripted
upholsterer parachute-packer 1st class, for the duration of his exemption.
07/06 1958
Discharged because of ending his compulsory military service.   01/10/1966
Thus far the extract".

As a family with my sister Petronella and mother Cornelia Wilhemina (born
13/4/1930) we emigrated to Australia on board the MS Johan Van Olden Barnevelt
which left Amsterdam 9/1/58 and arrived Fremantle 6/2/58 before sailing to

We travelled to Australia on passport J450694 (Koninkrijk der Nederlande)
from Tilburg Holland (dated 23/12/57) ex Amsterdam under the
Australia/Netherlands Agreement on the m.s. Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
departing 9 January 1958.The passport is stamped on 18 January 1958 by the
Passport Control office Port Said stating we were "allowed to visit city
during the stay of the ship". We then travelled via Fremantle Western
Australia where the passport is stamped as "seen by customs 26   6 Feb-1958"

We travelled as a family:
Wilhelmus Petrus van Overdijk-father-4/4/1931
Cornelia Johanna Elisabeth Tennebroek (van Overdijk) -mother-30/4/1930
Petronella Cornelia Wilhelmina van Overdijk-eldest daughter-16/12/1954
Johanna Elisabeth Cornelia Maria van Overdijk-daughter-11/05/1957

Michelle was born in Australia on 24/08/1960

We were naturalised on 4/3/64.
I have a dutch birth certificate from Tilburg deed no.A 539  issued 15/3/73.

We lived in a hostel  before moving to Dee Why in 1960 and then to St Marys
and then to Regentville from where my father left. As a family of by then
mum and 3 daughters we travelled to Yagoona between 1963 and 1965, then back
to Penrith and on to Kingswood in 1968.

I have a letter from my fathers youngest sister Nellie who was 45 at the
time of writing it on 10/7/93 which explains the family has not seen him
since he left the parental home when she was aged 7 which would be 4 years
after my parents married. The letter contained 60 australian dollars "a part
of the money there was left after everything was paid"(after the death of my
grandfather) Her address was Hontenissestr. 49 5045CA Tilburg.

I have kept in contact with her and she nor Karel, a cousin (see email entries later) have heard from him since he emigrated here.

Nellie’s email address has changed and I cannot reach her.

We believe his last known address was the  The Tourist Centre Caravan Park
in CARNARVON Western Australia until 1989.The Defensie Voorlichting, Agnes
Leewis has informed me of this address.

More recently he is believed to have lived in that town working as a
cabinetmaker. (I made contact with a publican there and he disappeared soon
after.) He may be living as Bill Van Dyke.
The Vermist TROS television in HOlland, Chantal Everaardt is searching
too...but no luck since 5/4/2000
http://www.trosweb.nl/ go to link for TV at top of page and then to vermist
on right hand side. type in van Overdijk and it will show you the webpage
for him as a missing person.
Nelly, dads sister writes to me and we are all looking for him. No-one has
any success yet.
I have the missing persons from the Salvation Army searching for him too.

The Dutch Embassy in Australia said because we did not know in which country
he was they could not help.
But now they say that we need to contact the SVB, Afdeling buitenland,
Postbus,9055, 6800 GV Arnhem, The Netherlands to find details of those on
the Dutch pension which he most certainly would be. We have had no reply.

I have been married to Stuart for 37 years this year. I know my father was
at the wedding of my sister in Penrith NSW Australia in 1974 as my mother
saw him standing across the street and told us she did not know him when we asked who the man across the street was.

We have 2 daughters, Laraine born on her fathers birthday who has
married Wayne Russell in November 2000 who have 2 boys Xavier and Xander aged 9 and 8-they all live with us. Our youngest daughter is Lyserle.

We live at North Cranebrook NSW Australia and have been
in our house for 8 years now. My mother lives in a nursing home after 5 strokes,
Michelle one suburb to the east. Els (Petronella) lives with us.

Els lost her first child Samantha in 1975 to cot death aged 3 months. Her
only other child is Amanda who was 36 in June. Michelle is remarried and
has 2 children to her first husband, Ben and Fiona. Ben has a son William and Fiona 2 children Michael and Tameka.

So my father is not just a grandfather but also a great grandfather since we saw
him last.
He would be very proud of his family if he knew us.

.My father is listed with the Salvation Army Family Tracing Service Reference No: Syd13172

If anyone knows anything at all of his whereabouts please contact me.

My email is watchinu@live.com.au


Below are some of the email/internet searches I have made.

Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 3:25 AM

Subject: family contact needed


Dear ms. Cameron,

With reference to your inquiry of February 2, 2000 I inform you about your father as follows: >From the available kept files, the adress where Wilhelmus Petrus van Overdyk was living in 1989 is:

Tourist Centre

Caravan Park



I apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause but I hope this information will assist you to make contact with him.

With kind regards,

Agnes Leewis

Defence Information Centre




Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 10:11 AM

Subject: Re: Tracing a family member


I am sorry, I have not been able to come up with any information about your father, Bill van Dyke.  His name is not on the local electoral roll in any form that we can see, so I would suggest he has now left Carnarvon.

All the best in your search.


Rob Douglas


From:P&J Wytenburg


Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 1:59 PM

Subject: Research

Hi Annelies.

 I saw your E-mail in the Dutch Rootweb. My advice is to go to the Salvation Army. They do research for lost family members and they are very good. The rate of success is about 80 %.Go and see them and explain were you after.

 I don't think they are very dear at all.


Yes I was in the Dutch Navy on the Aircraft carrier "Karel Doorman". When I went on demob in 1952 all the troops came back from Indonesia  as well and there were no jobs available  in the Netherlands. So I came to New-Zealand The best thing I ever did.

I also looking for a Henk Wijtenburg in Capetown in South-Africa who left Holland in 1955 and the family in Holland haven't heard from him since.So I know you will have a very hard job of catching your Father,but the Salvation Army is still your Best Bet.


Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

Regards Peter Wytenburg.
Bye for now


Peter & Joan Wytenburg
17 Sutherland Road, Omarama, New Zealand
Ph 64 3 4389612        Email
"We run Microsoft Office 95"


21 May 2001

Dear mrs. Cameron,

I've send your request for information concerning your father to my
colleagues of the Institute for Maritime History in The Hague. You'll find
the website of the Institute on our linkpage.

With kind regards,

Leon Homburg, assistant-curator.

Hoofdgracht 3
1781 AA Den Helder
(+31) 0223-657534
fax: (+31) 0223-657282

21 January 2003


Hello Annelies,


Sorry for my Englisch. We come from Tilburg Holland and I have a nephew who emigrated to Australia and he has served in the Navy. He has had three childeren and divorced his wife. His name was Willie van Overdijk and his last adress in Holland was Stedekestraat Tilburg. Our family lost contact with him soon after he immigrated to Australia. I also have a niece called Nelly so all the information seems to be right. I hope you will contact us to be sure. So we can help each other  filling in the gaps.


Karel van Overdijk





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