My name is Gio Wiederhold and I started this site.
The on-line tree now shown here was created June 2015 using a GED copy of my Family Tree Maker 2012 working file.

This work was motivated by receiving around 1989 a set 12 volumes of a Wiederhold genealogy, typed and duplicated by Alfred Wiederhold in Kassel. They are described at http://i.stanford.edu/pub/gio/personal/ancestors/index.html.

The recent tree here (GioMaster2012_Felsberg2015) was thoroughly updated and submitted July 2015. It has about 9000 persons with about 10 000 names, including many alternate spellings, common in historical documents.  On request, entries for people that might still be alive (born after 1915 and no death date known) were privatized and now appear as `unknown'.  Contact me if you want specifics.

I am continuing to update the source file, but will only correct serious errors or add important relationships in the on-line version here.

The prime information was collected over about 40 years, as detailed in one of the volumes. The 7 principal volumes have been professionally scanned and converted to searchable pdf.  Genealogical charts from the remaining volumes have been scanned and are available on-line as well.  All detailed information from the 2 Felsberg and 2 of the 3 Homberg volumes has been entered and validated as much as possible into the on-line tree. All data for Wiederholds that lived in or prior to the year 1800 has been entered for the 3rd Homberg volume and the first of the 4 Verschiedene Ort Volumes.  my current task is to get all pre 1800 Wiederholds from those books, as well as fom other collected sources I have into my working files, and then publish that tree again on myHertage.

An intermediate copy of this Wiederhold genealogy has been integrated into a large genealogy published by Ruud de Ruyter on Geneanet. 

Data entered is being validated and extended with information from the current 185 volumes of The Deutsche GeschlechterBucher (Starke Verlag, available as 26 DVDs),  two DVDs containing the Netherlands East Indies Almanaks and Namenregisters from the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG) in The Hague, Holland, and a wide variety of Internet Sources, always cited. 

I am now also entering data from Ewald Frankenberg's Ortsfamilien buch der Gemeinde Kefferhausen, it provides details on over a 1000 Wiederhold;s that lived there and their complex intermarriages in that town.

Specifics of these citations appear in a dedicated field for this genealogy, shown here as "Alfred Wiederhold Generations". The top-level citations refer to Book volumes and sections of typically about a dozen pages. Page and generation numbers within those sections are recorded in the Alfred Wiederhold Generations entrries, since the format provided in FTW would have been overwhelmed.

I also enter, with an explanation, estimated `About' birth years when no records are available. In general they are based on 25 years between generations, 2 years between marriage and first child, and 2 years between siblings.  This information helps in matching when there are many entries with the same name.

Where the books have been processed, a red or yellow line has been added to the scanned Alfred Wiederhold book pdf pages, available on a CD.

In the on-line tree is also data ion my mother’s family, Tuybens and Punt, largely collected by my cousin, Loes van der Beuge, and again validated with CBG information and extended.  Much potential data has been collected from a variety of sources for the Droz branch on my grandfather's side, but little has been entred into the tree. 

I have received important assistance from Dutch and Swiss genealogists. 

The data s of June 2015 are now available on the MyHeritage Internet repository without the disconnected Droz data.  I decided to  avoid Wikitree, because their policy does not allow making changes and corrections, which is not acceptable to a researcher.

Enjoy, and do inform me of errors, desirable additions. When I start on entering the information from the Homberg books I may not respond rapidly, so that I can focus on that task.

 Gio Wiederhold.  23 December 2016, gio@earth.stanford.edu

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Gio Wiederhold heeft <Privé> Gros (geb. Hankert) , <Privé> Gros , <Privé> Schultz (geb. Potteger) , <Privé> Schultz en 11 andere mensen toegevoegd aan de stamboom: GioMaster2012_Felsberg_2015-07-06_2015-07-06
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