My name is Denise Zaremba-Mingerink, one of the grand daughters of Effie Vogel-LaBryn/ Labrijn and Martin (Marinus) LaBryn/ Labrijn; I am one of the daughters of Nellie LaBryn- Zaremba.


This site is attempting to trace of the family line of  LaBryn/ Labrijn/ Bris through the paternal side mainly, and others as I find the correct information. Maartje, Marinus and Helena Labrijn/ LaBryn emmegrated from the Netherlands to America -arriving on April 16,1912 on the SS Rotterdam of the Holland America Line (Upon arrival, they heard about the sinking of the Titanic which happened on April 10, 1912- while also crossing the Atlantic.)

 Marinus and Helena's eldest sister Neeltje Helena, remained in the Netherlands as she was married to Marinus Boer. 

 This information is a work in progress, and changes as more information is gathered.


The surname name of "LaBryn or Labryn"(c.1912-present) in America changed from "Labrijn or Labreijn"(c.1690-present) in Ridderkerk, Netherlands - from "Leberin"(c.1660-1688) in Rotterdam, Netherlands- from "Labris" (c.1640-1660) in the Chanel Island of Guernsey -from "Le Brit" (c.1586-1624) - from "Bris" (c. 1530-1580's) all from St. Peters Port, Guernsey ( located off the coast of France near Normandy in the English Chanel.)


The surname Bris was first found in the northern coastal region of France known as Normandy/ Normadie. The surname Bris was first found in Normandy (the former Duchy of Normandy), where the family name first originated, maintaining their status as one of the more distinguished famlies of the region. Changes of spellings have occured with most surnames.  (source-https://www.houseofnames.com/bris-family-crest)

The French regional surname of Le Bris also shows up in the Breton/ Brittany area of France. (secondary source -http://www.eupedia.com/forum/threads/24420-Regional-surnames-in-France)



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denise mingerink heeft een foto toegevoegd van Leendert Aryensz 't Jong (Haverboer) :
denise mingerink heeft de gegevens van Leendert Aryensz 't Jong (Haverboer) bijgewerkt in stamboom LaBryn Family Tree.
mei 29, 2016
denise mingerink gaf commentaar op de foto Younger Neeltg LaBryn:
 Neeltjie is wearing her oorijzer, or metal headdress piece that secured the lace cap from strong sea winds as well as being part of the traditional "Sunday best" dress ( worn also for holidays). Some styles were mere metal bands- while others were larger metal helmets worn under the cap, thus showing only the decorative parts at the sides of the face. These varied in style and size according to different regions in the Netherlands.
Neeltjie"s oorijzer in this photo appear to be curled or twists of metal. The white cap style also varied by style and size according to the different regions in the Netherlands. 
mei 27, 2016
denise mingerink zei: Interesting source found! http://www.historisch-genootschap-heerjansdam.nl/genealogy/Labrijn.htm
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