Anthony Wayne

Geboren:1745 In:  Easttown Township, PA
Overleden:15 dec 1796 (op de leeftijd van ‎~51‏)


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Directe familie

Mary Wayne (born Penrose)
Zijn vrouw
Isaac Wayne
Zijn vader
Elizabeth Wayne (born Iddings)
Zijn moeder
Hannah Wayne
Zijn zuster
Ann Hayman (born Wayne)
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Betrouwbaarheid: Direct en primair bewijs
Vermelding tekst:

Mad Anthony Whayne
Gender: Male
Birth: 1745
Father: Isaac "Captain" Wayne
Mother: Elizabeth Wayne (born Iddlings)
Wife: Mary Polly Penrose
Child: Issac William Whayne
Siblings: Anthony Wayne, Hannah VanLeer (born Wayne), William Wayne, Anne Hayman (born Wayne), Margaret Penrose Holstein (born Wayne)

Betrouwbaarheid: Direct en primair bewijs
Vermelding tekst:

Anthony Wayne
Gender: Male
Birth: Jan 1 1745 - Easttown, PA, USA
Marriage: Spouse: Mary Wayne (born Penrose) - Mar 30 1766
Death: Dec 15 1796 - PA, USA
Burial: St. David's (Radnor) Episcopal Church cemetery, Erie, PA, USA
Father: Isaac "Captain" Wayne
Mother: Elizabeth Wayne (born Iddlings)
Wife: Mary Wayne (born Penrose)
Children: Isaac Wayne, Margretta Atlee (born Wayne)
Siblings: Hannah VanLeer (born Wayne), William Wayne, Anne Hayman (born Wayne), Margaret Penrose Holstein (born Wayne), Mad Anthony Whayne

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Betrouwbaarheid: Direct en primair bewijs
Vermelding tekst:

General Anthony Wayne
Gender: Male
Birth: Jan 1 1745 - Waynesborough, Chester, Pennsylvania Colony
Death: Dec 15 1796 - Presque Isle, Erie, Pennsylvania
Father: Isaac Wayne
Mother: Elizabeth Wayne (born Iddings)
Wife: Polly Penrose
Children: Isaac WayneMargaretta Atlee (born Wayne)
Siblings: William WayneHannah Van Lear (born Wayne)Ann Hayman (born Wayne)

Betrouwbaarheid: Secundair bewijs
Datum: 18 jun 2017
Vermelding tekst:
Personal photo of Anthony Wayne Added via a Photo Discovery™


Revolutionary War General


"Wayne is credited with playing an important role in keeping some of the early defeats from being disasters-- Brandywine, Paoli, Germantown. And in the later years, it was Wayne who commanded stunning victories at Stony Point, Yorktown, Savannah, and Fallen Timbers. His fanatical determination earned him the nickname "Mad" Anthony Wayne."


"He [Grandfather Samuel Van Leer] related an affair that occurred whilst the army was encamped at Valley Forge, he and some other officers were sitting in Wayne's quarters when an orderly came in who said a soldier had been killed by Devault Beaver (Beaver was a farmer reciding [sic] in the vicinity) and that when brought into camp he did not deny it, but said it was Gen. Wayne's orders; it appeared that some of the men of Wayne's regiment had been in the habit of milking Beaver's cows; the men had been threatened with punishment if detected, but the cows continued to lose more or less milk, and their owner every few days in camp making complaints; on the last occasion Wayne was riding out of the camp, when Beaver called after him "General, what am I to do, the cows were robbed again last night?" Wayne, who by this time, had begun to lose patience said 'shoot the rascal;' of course, never supposing he would be taken literally, but Beaver took him at his word, kept watch, and a few nights after seeing a soldier sitting by a cow milking, shot him dead. As Wayne had to acknowledge his hasty reply, Beaver was released."



WAYNE, Anthony. Major General Commander in Chief of the Legion of the United States of America. "Having fought for the defence of America from the Frozen Lakes of Canada to the Burning Suns of Florida." City of Phila. July 14, 1794. February 15, 1797. X.545.

[Estate in several Counties of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Philadelphia and Nova Scotia.] Children: Isaac [Student at Law], Margaretha [Wife of William R. Atee, Esquire]. Exec: Isaac Wayne, Sharp Delany, William Lewis, Esquires. Wit: James O'Hara, Thomas Lewis, I. DeButts.

Abstracts of Philadelphia County Wills, 1790-1802, Liber X







[The original of the following letter of " Mad Anthony" to Colonel

Sharp Delaney is in the autograph collection of Henry Day, Esq., New

York, who has kindly furnished a copy for publication. ED.]


MOUNT JOY 21st May 1778


DEAR SIR, Various are the reports and many the con-

jectures about the enemies quiting Phil a and the place they

are Destined for some say New York, others Halifax but

the more prevailing opinion is the "West India Islands for

my own part I am not quite so sanguine as some others,

about their avacuating their present post, without first offer-

ing us battle, we were so fully Confident of their being

about to Embark last Monday that a Detatchment of up-

wards of two thousand men under the Marquis De Lafayette,

was sent down towards their lines to be Ready to take pos-

session of the City as soon as they should quit it but the

Caitifs made a forced march the night before last and threw

themselves into his rear and were on the point surround-

ing him (at seven clock in the Morning) before he had

the least Intelligence of their movement however he made

a happy escape by passing the Schuylkil at Matsons ford &

possessing the Gulf hills the Enemies van made its appear-

ance on the one side as the Marquis's Rear arrived on the

other their numbers by every acct. was about 7000 who

had actually thrown themselves in between the Marquis

and our Camp but by moving down towards Phil a and

Crossing at Matsons he avoided (otherwise) Inevitable Dis-

truction the Enemy must have effected a march of up-

wards of twenty miles with that large body of men totally

undiscovered thro 5 the Inattention of the Patrols.


they Returned to Phil* last evening without either killing

or taking a single man of ours. Several Deserters from the

Enemy have come in with some Prisoners taken by our


Light Troops and Indians hanging on their Rear the latter

at one fire killed five of the Enemie's Horse, and by the

war Hollow put the Remainder to flight.


I have always hinted that its my opinion Mr. Clinton, will

offer us battle i.e. that after shiping all his stores & heavy

artillery he will make a forward move in force, but he will

never attack us on this Ground he will either Retire after

a Little Parade, Otherwise by taking post in our Rear near

Moore Hall Manoeuvre us off this Ground.


this is all Conjecture he may possibly leave this State

without this parade but that some Capital movement will

take place in the course of a few days I am very confident,

time alone will determine the object.


I have Rec d a hint from a friend that some Gentlemen

of the Committee of Congress who were at Camp were not

acquainted with the circumstances of the Court Martial held

on me and that some Caitifs had attempted to place it in a

very unfavourable point of view. The whole of the pro-

ceedings are in the hands of Ric d Peters Esqr. you will do

me a particular favour to show it to some of these Gentle-

men for from [what] I can learn it has not been transmitted

to Congress altho' all Others are Regularly sent up.


The Difficulty I experience in preventing some Worthy

Officers from Resigning (notwithstanding the seven years half

pay) together with the Distress and real wants of the troops

of this State has almost Determined me to Retire to my

Sabine field.


Adieu, my Dear Sir & believe

me yours most









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