Pieter Dirck Keyser

Geboren:26 nov 1676 In:  Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Overleden:12 sep 1724 (op de leeftijd van 47)In:  Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


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Directe familie

Margaret Keyser (born Souplis)
Zijn vrouw
Dirck Keyser
Zijn zoon
Dirck Keyser
Zijn vader
Elizabet Keyser (born ter Himpel)
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From Bean;

Francis Daniel Pastorius, in his "Beschreibung Pennsylvania"

(published at Leipzic, 1700) under, the date Oct 24, 1685 gives the

following account of the settlement: "With the wish and concurrence of

our Governor, I lay out and planned a new town, which we call

Germantown, or Germanopolis, is a very fine and fertile district, with

plenty of springs of fresh water, being well supplied with oak-, walnut-

and chestnut-trees and having beside excellent and abundant pasturage for

the cattle. At the commencement there were but twelve families of

forty-one individuals, consisting mostly of German mechanics and

weavers. Our German society have in this place now established a

lucrative trade in woolen and linen goods, together with a large

assortment of other useful and necessary articles." He enumerates the

lot-holders as Tunis Conderts, John Strepers, Dirck, Herman, and Abraham

Opdegraef, Paul Wolff, Jacob and Peter Schumacher, Johannes Kassell,

Rynier Tissen, Jan Lucken, Gerhard Heinrich, David Sherkges, Wigart

Levering, Gerhard Levering, Isaac Sheffer, Andreas Souplis, William

Claus, and Dirck Rittenhouse, Dirck Keyser Sr., and William Strepers.


"The bicentennial reunion of the Keyser family. 1688-1888. The Keyser family, descendants of Dirck Keyser of Amsterdam"


When William Penn visited Holland and Germany, promulgating his doctrines of free

religious thought in antagonism to the forms of established churches, he invited all to join

him in his settlement in the new country. Accepting his ideas, Francis Daniel Pastorius of

Frankfort, Germany, organized a company for taking up land and forming the settlement of

Germantown, now part of this city. The Mennonites of Holland and the lower Rhine of

Germany joined with him, and among those who came here was Dirck Keyser of Amster-

dam. He was a manufacturer of and dealer in all kinds of silk goods, and a man of promi-

nence, but, desiring to worship God in all freedom, he came over with his son, Pieter Born about 1700, came to America when he was 12, married Margaret Souplis, daughter of Andrew Souplis and Anneke, his wife. Their children were Dirck, Andrew, Peter Dirck, Jacob Souplis, Johannes, Abraham, Elizabeth, Anneke, Kathline and Margaret.


Keyser, in 1688. There are many descendants of the family throughout this country and


The Ancestry of the Family.— The first one of the family in the

male line of whom we have certain knowledge is Leoiihard Keyser of

Scharding in Bavaria. In the early part of the sixteenth century this

greater ancestor of ours separated from the Catholic Church and

identified himself with the true believers; his story is elsewhere written

here. After his death the family went down into the Netherlands, and

prior to the emigration here for a century and longer, lived and are

identified by association and marriage, as a Holland family. They

were manufacturers and business-men in Amsterdam for the four gen-

erations of which we have information — say a period of a hundred and

thirty years.

Dircksz Keyser, the grandfather of the Dirck Keyser who emigrated

here, and himself one of the sons of a Dirck Keyser living there, had two

children of whom we have an account — Dirck Gerritsz Kej'ser, a mo-

rocco leather manufacturer of Amsterdam, and Jannetye Gerritsz Keyser.

Dirck Gerritsz Keyser, the father of the Dirck Keyser who emigrated

here, married Cornelia, daughter of Tobias Govertz van den Wyngaert;

she was one of a family of three or more children living in Amsterdam.

One of her brothers was Tobias Govertz, Jr., and she had a sister who

married Gerrit Gerritsz Vortgens, who died in Amsterdam and was

buried in the Norder Kerckhof, June 4, 1662. Gerrit Gerritsz Vortgens'

residence at the time of his death was in Korte-lange Street, in the

Emerick Arms; he had a brother, Arent Gerritsz Vortgens. Dirck

Gerritsz Keyser's sister Jannetye married Galenus (Geleyn) Jacobsz, who

survived her husband, and lived in Amsterdam until her death, September

I, 1669. The family were living in 1655 in Elandt Street, opposite the

Witte Beer.

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